Spread the Word

  • Send letters to your U.S. senators and representative, using MPP's free and easy automated system. And to take action on the state level, visit our State Policy page to choose your state, to learn about current marijuana-related legislation in your state, and to contact your state legislators.
  • Get published. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about the need for marijuana policy reform. Feel free to use any of the information in MPP’s email alerts and on our website in your letters
  • Distribute MPP literature in your community. Download our printer-friendly handouts and brochures.
  • If you're a talk radio listener, call in and express support for reforming our marijuana laws. Even if the subject being discussed isn't explicitly about marijuana, many related issues can be a springboard for urging reform. For example, if the issue is crime, you can point out that law enforcement resources are better spent going after violent criminals than on arresting adults who use marijuana responsibly.
  • Contact MPP for help in arranging meetings with your state legislators and congressional representatives. Personal face-to-face visits to these offices can have considerable influence on elected officials.